Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hi! I am back online and back to creating! Just getting back into the Swing of things.....setting up a New Blog. YAY!!!

Feels SO good to be back and creating once again!  Will be uploading some of my newest Digital Scrapkits as soon as I can, along with some tags I will be making from some wonderful Artist over at My Tubed Art (which I am a licensed "freebie" member of MTA, so those tags will also show my MTA license notation :) )  And have joined and still settling in with MTA Taggers :)

Some of the art used may NOT be suitable for children, that is the reason for the "Warning Adult Page" thing you see upon entering my site.  Other than that, I hope you will enjoy my new site.

TxOzRoze (aka TOR)

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